[Issues] Astro-Wise database and dataservers downtime on Monday, December 15th and Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 - finished.

D.R. Boxhoorn danny at astro.rug.nl
Tue Dec 16 14:28:17 CET 2014

Dear Astro-Wiser,

All issues with the underlying network and storage hardware of the
Groningen database and dataservers have been addressed.
The dpu has been migrated to another machine. It could be that its old
network address is cached by your machine, in which case you will have to
wait until your machine starts to use the new network address. Depending on
your local network configuration this may take up to two hours. If you
still have problems using the dpu after 16:00, Tuesday, December 16th,
please inform us.
Remember, the webpage of the new dpu server will only be accessible via

Thank you for your cooperation,

Kor & Danny
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