[Issues] Groningen data storage issues - update

D.R. Boxhoorn danny at astro.rug.nl
Fri Jul 3 14:46:04 CEST 2015

Dear Astro-Wiser,

It is impossible to access to the Groningen dataservers and DPU. The
previously mentioned piece of hardware has not arrived yet, mostly because
the company responsible for it has not been able to locate a spare piece
yet. Nevetheless, it is expected to arrive next week.

Even without the above piece of hardware present the filesystem should
become readable and writable, but there are issues that need to be resolved
by experts who will only now become available. The current estimate is that
the filesystem and all data will be available again on Tuesday, July 7th,
2015. By coincidence that is a projected stop day.

Thank you again for your attention,

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