[Issues] Default RegriddedFrame 'pixelscale'

John P. McFarland mcfarland at astro.rug.nl
Tue Dec 20 13:07:05 CET 2005

Dear All,

This is the formal message stating that the default pixel scale for
RegriddedFrames in AstroWISE was changed from the WFI pixel scale of 0.238
arcsec/pixel to 0.200 arcsec/pixel on 31 October.  This change was
implemented in $AWEPIPE/astro/main/RegriddedFrame.py (version 1.66).  The
idea behind this change is to give a reasonable default pixel scale to
more easily allow the coaddition of frames from multiple instruments.

To revert to the previous pixel scale (or use an arbitrary one), simply set 
the relevant GridTarget.pixelscale to the desired pixel scale.  For each of 
the recipes below, an example of how to do this is given.

    regridded = RegriddedFrame()
    regridded.reduced       = reduced
    regridded.grid_target   = grid_target  <-- a GridTarget object
    regridded.grid_target.pixelscale = your_pixel_scale  <-- add this line

    grid_target = GridTarget()  <-- a GridTarget object
    grid_target.RA = grid_ra
    grid_target.DEC = grid_dec
    grid_target.pixelscale = your_pixel_scale  <-- add this line

PLEASE NOTE: Frames regridded to different grid targets (i.e., RA, DEC,
             pixelscale) cannot be coadded properly unless they are 
             regridded to the identical grid target.  This should ALWAYS 
             be taken into consideration when regridding.



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